A photo of Jessica Simpson's daughter went viral on Wednesday after social media users mom-shamed the singer and entrepreneur for the way she apparently strapped the baby into her stroller.
Channel 4 has secured Love Productions' "The Great British Bake Off" for at least three more series.
A few surprise guests will also perform during the concert.
He had planned to launch his homemade, steam-powered rocket 5,000 feet into the air.
"I just want to be known as the guy that did everything he could to to make everything and everyone around him better."
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An Eco-Gorilla Opens in Rwanda

Rwanda is doubling down in the preservation of its mountain gorillas with the opening of the new Singita Volcanoes National Park property.
"Steven Avery has numerous issues pending before the appellate court that could reverse his conviction and result in a new trial being granted."
Four Loko, which has a lofty reputation for getting customers inebriated with its monster-sized malt drink, is entering the hard seltzer game.
" I can no longer support Nick and his actions. NO ONE deserves to feel second in a relationship."
Looking for the latest page-turner or an out-of-print book? LA's bookstores will have what you want to read.
Children (or parents on their behalf) enter their height, weight, age and health goals, then begin logging what they eat.
It isn't to find love, the filming schedule would imply.
LA is a huge city and there are scores of free and fun things to do all over the place
The swath of urban concrete around Staples Center is dotted with great places to wine and dine.
The rapper spent nearly a month behind bars in Sweden on charges of assault.
"'Her & Him' is a modernistic, sexually explicit Romeo and Juliet-like depiction of two star-crossed lovers who have unbridled sexual longing for each other."
A pro-Trump comedian is getting death threats after Trump retweeted him. He also said on social media that "Facebook is fact-checking his jokes."
Suffice it to say, they weren't thrilled with the news that the ex-One Directioner wouldn't be joining the upcoming remake.