There's an upcoming movie that links into the theory.
It's the story of how a hero became a villain in the court of public opinion.
Ronan Farrow's explosive new book "Catch and Kill" alleges that Lauer raped a "Today" show co-host.
"He's in hot water because there's some s*** that came out on him abusing his wife. So he's like, 'Look at me, I love women.'"
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The rapper told James Corden he hasn't got a direct line for either, though he considers them friends.
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Disney schmisney! There are ample amounts of fun things to do in Orlando that don't involve faux castles and human-sized mice.
"Ah, the Soviet Union had trials with anonymous, unnamed witnesses. Welcome to McCarthy II," Giuliani said. "Even Salem witch trials didn't use anonymous testimony," he tweeted earlier in the thread.
Misogynistic attacks against Brie Larson don't faze the "Captain Marvel" star, suggesting she wasn't responding to online toxicity in a viral "Star Wars" post.
" 'Oh, clearly I'm the American.' And then I haven't gotten many phone calls."
Downey beat the Oscar odds before, can he do it again with 'Avengers: Endgame'?
"I just wanted it all over with, so I said whatever they wanted to hear, you know?" Dassey said, speaking of his confession during a podcast interview with Jason Flom.
Portland is a certain kind of unique cool that you just have to experience to understand—here's how to do just that.