"We'd just look at each other like, 'There's something wrong with this mall,'" Finn Wolfhard told Jimmy Fallon.
If you're in town for a while, go on, get out of Berlin for a day to experience another aspect of northeastern Germany.
The footage was filmed in 2003 for the artist's Turf War exhibition and shows a man with his face partially visible claiming to be Banksy.
The compilation album, from J. Cole's record label Dreamville, was released on July 5.
"This is a very sad situation overall…I'm not popping champagne bottles celebrating today."
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Under the Sea: A Diving Bucket List

Explorer Kristin Hettermann has dived all over the world - but she still hasn't completed her underwater bucket list. Comprised of reefs, atolls and miraculous sights, here is her wish list.
The cast of hit sci-fi horror series "Stranger Things" renegotiated their salaries in 2017 ahead of production of the show's third season.
Beat the heat and keep your holiday party cool with these refreshingly delicious cocktails.
The sci-fi horror show, whose third season was released on Thursday, was labeled the worst offender for depicting smoking on screen.
Stranger Things Season 3 is finally here and the Shadow Monster is back to terrorize those in Hawkins–wait, or is it the Mind Flayer?
'Stranger Things' Season 3 is finally here, reuniting fans with the residents of Hawkins and the terrifying creatures of the Upside Down.
The Chloe X Halle member will become the second woman of color to play a Disney princess in a traditionally white role.
At least one of the deaths is shocking and emotional.
Three specific plotlines result in major answers for the main characters.
The character proves to be one of the smartest in the third season.
You know that blood-stained pink meaty look and feel that comes when chomping into an Impossible Burger—that's all compliments of the heme.
On Wednesday, Disney announced that their search for an Ariel in their upcoming live-action remake of 'The Little Mermaid' had come to an end, casting 19-year-old R&B singer Halle Bailey as the Disney princess.
Avery is still behind bars for the murder of Teresa Halbach.